The best bar in the Middle East



Fink is a small family-run place located in the center of Jerusalem, Israel.


Founded in 1932 by Moshe Fink; owned and managed since 1945 by the late Dave Rothschild; run today by his son-in-law

known by all as Moulli.



The place has an outstanding bar and just 6 tables. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the walls are crammed with original works by Israeli painters.


Fink is rated one of the best bars in the world by Newsweek Magazine.

It is also featured as one of the worlds top bars in Time Magazine and

Reader Digest.




Fink serves wonderful meals, the component be a blend of French, Eastern European, Russian and Mediterranean origin.

Special dishes: Goulash soup, Chopped Chicken Liver, homemade Herring in Sherry, Cordon Bleu, Tafelspitz (cooked beef with dumplings and horseraddish sauce), steaks in various forms.

Fish and vegetarian dishes available.


Along the years Fink served eclectic guests including top diplomats, politicians, journalists, artists, national and international celebrities, business people, tourists from all over the world as well as

a loyal local clients.

Celebrity customers: Marc Chagall, Leonard Bernstein, Isaac Stern,

Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Itzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Paul Newman,

Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and many more


Fink is for those who appreciate authentic atmosphere, superb service, excellent food and a huge selection of drinks (over 300 bottles).


It has been said that any diplomat, politician or public figure who has

never been to Fink is simply not worth knowing..



Open Saturday through Thursday from 2 PM to after midnight. Closed on Fridays. KOSHER !!!

Dinner served between 6 PM to 11 PM. Reservation recommended.


Address: 2, Hahistadrut St. corner King George, Jerusalem


Tel: +972 2 6234523


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