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   Many articles were published about Fink.

   Here is a selection of scanned articles and

   links to other sites that mention Fink:

        (click on the image to zoom in)


    Chicago Tribune (English)


    New York Press (English)


    Newsweek Magazine 1988 (English)


    Newsweek Magazine 1994 (English)


      Newsweek Magazine 1999 (English language)


    Cleveland Press 1967 !!! (English)


    Jerusalem Report – the story of Kissinger (English)


    Udland (Danish)


    Mouse of the city (Hebrew)


    In Jerusalem – Dave remembered (English)


   NAI – Nachrichten Aus Israel (German)


    Russian Magazine (Russian)


   Maariv (Hebrew language)


    After Hour (English language)


   King David, Swiss magazine (German)

              Kanzler Vranitzky visits Fink


Here are some links:




2. Jerusalem on the NET (in Hebrew)


3. Travel Postcard


4. Mapa Guide


5. Dagsavisen















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